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Allow us to share our history in the making. Taking you back to 2003 West Yellowstone MT, Bill sat with his daughter overviewing the very ground this event will be held and said lets do something crazy! Are you in to leaving your mark on this life? At the young age of 21, Katrina said I'm in 100%. Within a few months the first show "Fat Bottom Rally" was put together. From there the family was hooked and went on to do the next year even bigger and better. Nationally known acts were booked and one heck of a show was put on. The second Annual show had VH1 here videoing Dee Snider for all Roads Lead to the Chip. It was then a passion was born that would never leave their minds.

Fast forward to 2012, so many things in life happened to put these shows on hold. Obstacles you wouldn't imagine most families to endure. Bill Oldroyd attends the Snowmobile Expo, during the Octane Freestyle show. He bids ten times the value on a helmet where all proceeds go to a local injured rider.

After the auction he and Tyler Johnson, throw ideas back and forth in creating a Sturgis on Snow, give a reason for people to come back to West Yellowstone MT. Combine the excitement of freestyle and concerts. Discussion continues over the years with the parties, taking us to October 2013 Bill and his daughter Katrina have what will be their last business meeting, unknown at the time. The idea of concerts and freestyle are again discussed with the concept of making a new dream together. Two days later Bill tragically lost his life. Reunited only months later, Expo of 2014 Katrina and Tyler decide it's time we are making this dream a reality! History is in the makings, and will be done in Wild Bill's honor! Every great thing starts with an idea, with passion & dedication the idea will become a reality!


During 2014 and 2015 Wild Bill Productions puts on two shows that will never be forgotten! We were able to give back to local sports teams and a dear family who have endured so much with the health of their little girl. To us that is what this is all about, the feeling of giving to others is like a fire that burns within us! We plan to continue paying it forward and use this dream to help those in need as Bill always did! We are so Excited to have the chance to move our show to the summer air. So we ask you to come enjoy Yellowstone County, ride horses, go back in time on a wagon ride simply take in that Montana air. Watch the exciting "Bull Wars" and Listen to the town rock it during our show! We can guarantee this! You won't want to miss history in the making! WILD BILL PRODUCTIONS would like to thank Hibernation Station for being our lead organizing sponsor in helping make this event happen. It is with the support of ALL our amazing sponsors that is helping make this event and dream a reality, so from all of us here @ WILD BILL PRODUCTIONS, we give you a heartfelt THANK YOU!



In October of 2021 our then 6 year old daughter, Alayna, started to get sick with constant headaches, throwing up and fevers. We took her into the doctors and they ran tests and said that it was some kind of bug. She kept getting worse and we kept taking her in and they kept saying it was a bug and to wait it out with children's Tylenol and Motrin.


On the night of March 12, 2022 Alayna's right eye crossed in towards her nose and she was saying she had a really bad headache. We had a medic look over her and he suggested that, with everything the doctor was saying, to take her back to the doctors on the next Monday. Monday morning we got an appointment right away and went in. The doctor's office refused to see her because we were in the middle of switching over her insurance. We made the decision to go see her eye doctor, because her eye was crossing. When they looked behind the eye they saw a bunch of fluid on her brain and optic nerve. They told us we needed to get to urgent care right away. They called urgent care and let them know that we were on our way and they were sending the images to them. We got there and that doctor took one look at her and said she needed to get to the ER right away so we left and headed there. When we got there they did a CT scan to see the fluid on the brain and they didn't waste any time transporting her via ambulance to the nearest children's hospital about 4 hours away, by then it was almost the middle of the night. They did an MRI the next morning and they found a tectal glioma on her brain stem which was causing blockage of her first, second and third ventricle. They told us that the tumor could not be operated on or even biopsied because it was on her brain stem in a place that it was just too dangerous to touch. On March 16, 2022 they did brain surgery to release the pressure off her brain from the fluid. She was released from the hospital March 18, 2022 with plans for more MRIs and further follow up on her glioma. During our hospital stay our two boys, her brothers 12 and 10 years old, had to stay with their aunt while we both were with Alayna. They had a very hard time and were having break downs at school. After Alayna's hospital stay she has been having night terrors and waking up in the middle of the night shaking, sweating, convulsing and crying.


Fast forward 6 months for her first follow up appointment for the glioma. The MRI was first thing in the morning where they had to have her be asleep for it so she wouldn't move around. After that appointment we saw the neurologist. She had told us that the tumor had grown a " significant amount " but wouldn't really say how much. She sent off a couple of referrals for follow ups. We then saw her oncologist who said that it had grown as well and that they would do another MRI in 6 months and check it again.